Pete Harris' Remote Recording Services

Fender, Gibson & Logic Pro...

Remote Recording

Pete Harris is now available for remote recording services, offering high quality rhythm/lead guitar for your personal project. Pete plays a beautiful 70s Fender Stratocaster, or his 89 Gibson 335 and uses Guitar Rig 5 via Logic Pro. He specialises in jazz, funk and soul.

Pete generally uses analogue effects pedals, analogue delays, sometimes relying on the spring reverb in his amp for a more retro sound, but he says when he works on neo-soul pieces he will often use digital reverb to capture a modern edge...

With over 25 years experience of studio recording Pete provides a professional, high quality guitar track, quickly and at a reasonable price.

pete harris Pete Harris

Performance Video

Lead break, Hey Michael (Session-excerpt)
Lead break, Gold and Blue (Session-excerpt)
with Kenny Thomas at the Jam House
at the Manchester Evening News Arena with Gareth Gates
on televisions H&H Show with Aled Jones